Your Health and Your House: A Resource Guide

Your Health and Your House: A Resource GuideAuthor(s): Nina Anderson, Albert Benoist

Publisher: Keats Pub

ISBN: 087983630X

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Your Health and Your House: A Resource Guide

Paperback, 159 pages
Publication date: January 1995

Midwest Book Review:
How can homeowners diagnose their homes for environmental problems? Anderson and Benoist, environmental and building consultants, discuss seventy symptoms and pollutants which can aggravate health conditions, telling how to reduce or eliminate them and how to test for lead, radon, and carpet hazards.

The author , 10/09/97:
DIAGNOSE YOUR IN-HOME ILLNESS A pertinent book that depicts lists of common health symptoms and the corresponding indoor pollutant that could be causing them. A great way to diagnose if your sick buillding is causing you to be sick too!

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