The Slate Roof Bible

The Slate Roof Bible

The Slate Roof BibleAuthor(s): Joseph Jenkins

Publisher: Chelsea Green Pub Co

Paperback: 296 pages

ISBN: 0964425807

ISBN-13: 978-0964425804

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The Slate Roof Bible gives a concise history of the slate industry on both sides of the Atlantic, and the types and colours of slates to be found. Although the author is American, he is descended from Welsh migrs who left with the collapse of the Welsh slate industry around the turn of the century, and this is reflected in the early chapters. The later chapters cover in some depth the design, installation, and maintenance of slate roofs. Also covered are tools, safe working practices, and important details on chimneys, flashings and gutters. This is well done, with clear illustrations and photos – an excellent example of how to produce a practical guide. The first book to be written on the subject of slate roofs since 1926. — The Permaculture Magazine Information Service [England]
The Slate Roof Bible is a fine book, filled with fascinating information about slate: its history, the industry, and the way to work with it properly.” “I’ve been working with slate for a long time; still, I learned from this book some valuable hints and techniques that I’ve been able to put into practice.” — Fine Homebuilding, July 1998

“Five years of meticulous research, thousands of miles traveled to slate quarries all over the world, particularly Wales, has produced The Slate Roof Bible – and a surprise. This book, potentially tedious reading, is instead a delight. Full of history, lore, and useful advice, Jenkins has written a fascinating book, spiced it with humor and warmed it with his own passion for the subject.” — Doylestown Intelligencer Record [Philadelphia]

“Jenkins tells his tale with pizazz and rollicking humor, offering anecdote after anecdote about what people do, and do not do, to their slate roofs.” — Boston Sunday Globe

From the Publisher

Jenkins Publishing is proud to announce that The Slate Roof Bible was presented with the prestigious National Roofing Contractors Association 2001 GOLD CIRCLE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE ROOFING INDUSTRY. One such award is given annually within the 4,700-member international trade association in the “SERVICE TO THE INDUSTRY” category.
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