The Natural House Catalog : Everything You Need to Create an Environmentally Friendly Home

The Natural House Catalog
Author(s): David Pearson (Editor)

Publisher: Fireside

ISBN: 0684801981

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Featuring specific how-to projects written by specialists, as well as an index organized by city and region, this book is a natural for home builders, renovators, decorators, and fixer-uppers who cherish the environment now–and want to preserve it for future generations. 91 photos, 16 in color.

Table of Contents
Pt. 1. Everything you need
Ch. 1. Building
Ch. 2. Soft Energy
Ch. 3. Water
Ch. 4. Sane Electrics
Ch. 5. Lighting
Ch. 6. Air
Ch. 7. Decoration
Ch. 8. Furniture and Furnishings
Ch. 9. Non-Toxic Home
Ch. 10. Backyard
Ch. 11. Recycling
Ch. 12. Green Experts
Pt. 2. Directory of Products, Resources and Services

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