Thatching and Thatched Buildings

Thatching and Thatched Buildings

Thatching and Thatched BuildingsAuthor: Michael Billett

Publisher: Robert Hale & Company (May 1998)

Paperback: 224 pages

ISBN: 0709062257

ISBN-13: 978-0709062257

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This definitive book on thatching and thatched buildings in rural Britain costitutes an authoritative reference guide. It contains masses of practical information and advice for all those who live in thatched houses or who are contemplating buying one. In addition, it makes fascinating reading for everyone interested in this aspect of our rural heritage. Michael Billett guides the reader through the development of thatching through the ages, the materials used, and the various types of buildings covered by thatch which can still be seen today. He describes the skilful and artistic work required to produce the beauty and charm of a thatched roof, and considers the advantages and disadvantages. Also included is a chapter which gives advice on costs, including maintenance and insurance, and modern trends, such as the use of thatch for modern houses. As well as practical advice Thatching and Thatched Buildings also includes descriptions of over five hundred of the most attractive thatched villages, many of which appear as illustrations in the delightful book.


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