Build Your Own underground Root Cellar

Cover, Build Your Own Underground Root CellarAuthor: Phyllis Hobson

ISBN: 0882662902

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Build Your Own Underground Root Cellar #A76

Describes the right location, tools, and materials needed. Includes detailed drawings on building the cellar. Adapting the cellar to your needs. Getting the most from your root cellar. Gives storage requirements of individual fruits and vegetables. Root cellar maintenance. Country Wisdom Bulletin. Paperback, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches, 32 pages with line drawings.

Each “how to” booklet is easy to read and offers clear direction.

They are a great place to start a small project…like building a compost holder or mulching a garden properly. Many of the authors are well known experts, and these booklets are a condensation of one topic, or the information has been excerpted from a bigger, more expensive book. At $4.00 each they are affordable, and are a fast read.

Root Cellaring : Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables

Cover, Root Cellaring : Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables

Author(s): by Mike Bubel, Nancy Bubel, Pam Art (Editor)

Publisher: Storey Books

ISBN: 0882667033

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Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables

320 pages
2nd edition
October 1991

The publisher, Storey Books , April 24, 1998
Root cellaring is a simple, energy-saving way to keep food fresh all year. This book explains building and using different types of root cellars and which vegetables and fruits store best. Includes specific storage requirements for nearly 100 home garden crops, plus dozens of delicious recipes.

Customer Comments

Annette Kent from Rupert, Idaho, USA ,October 6, 1998
Very informative, and complete in all areas of information. I was looking for how to build a root celler. Several Ideas were presented, along with what can be stored, how to store it and how long it could likely be stored. I first saw this book as a loan from another library. Now I want to get one to have as reference in my library.