Defects and Deterioration in Buildings

Publisher: Chapman & Hall

ISBN: 0419149201

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Defects and Deterioration in Buildings

1st Ed.
Publication date: January 1991

There are many types of defects and deterioration which can occur in buildings. These range from structural to noise problems, from concrete to plumbing. It is therefore essential that the qualified practitioner is able to diagnose the fault and specify remedial treatment before more damage is caused. This book sets out the various problems in clearly defined chapters, each with its own introduction. There is also a chapter which guides the reader through the various health and safety problems which are likely to occur in buildings, and offers advice on topics ranging from combustion dangers to allergies. Finally, there is a section which gives information and advice on liability for faults.

Booknews, Inc. , 04/01/91:
Assists architects, building surveyors, structural engineers, and building contractors in diagnosing existing problems and in avoiding them in new buildings. Special sections address health and safety problems and liability for faults. Includes a 12-page glossy insert with 47 b&w plates. Distributed by VNR. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.