Small House Designs

Small House Designs: Elegant, Architect-Designed Homes – 33 Award-Winning Plans 1,250 Square Feet or Less

Small House Designs

Author(s): Kenneth R. Tremblay (Editor), Lawrence Von Bamford (Editor)

Publisher: Storey Books

ISBN: 0882669664

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192 pages
July 1997

Storey Publishing’s newest book on small homes, Small House Designs, represents the top choices in Storey’s international juried competition of plans for small modern homes. The Criteria: affordable, aesthetically pleasing, functional, environmentally conscious, and innovative. The Results: geographic and stylistic diversity to inspire homeowners, buyers, builders, and designers of all kinds. Each design includes an exterior drawing, floor plan, site plan, axonometric of interior, and elevations. Judges’ critiques and the designer’s concept comments accompany plans for each project. Addresses for architects and designers are also provided for readers interested in obtaining scale plans or more information about a particular house.

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