Sacred Places : How the Living Earth Seeks Our Friendship

Author(s): James Swan

Publisher: Bear & Co

ISBN: 0939680661

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Sacred Places

Paperback, 237 pages
Publication date: May 1990

The author, James A. Swan , 07/16/97:
Sacred places and their value to modern scientific society.
This book is a synthesis of my personal exploration of sacred places over more than a decade, which is then translated into a strong argument for their recogntion and protection using modern science and law, as well as ancient cultural wisdom. Endorsed by Jean-Michel Cousteau, James Lovelock and Cherokee elder William Fields, retired Director of Indian Affairs for the US National Park Service, SACRED PLACES is a l997 Book of the Month Club selection, and has been translated into Japanese. It has been used as a resource by the Ancient Mysteries and Sightings television series.

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