Retrofitting for Energy Conservation

Retrofitting for Energy Conservation

Retrofitting for Energy ConservationAuthor(s): William H. Clark

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Hardcover: 427 pages

ISBN: 0070119201

ISBN-13: 978-0070119208

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Almost 85% of energy-conserving projects are retrofits, according to the National Association of Homebuilders. Retrofitting for Energy Conservation gives you the tools you need to meet this demand with step-by-step help in retrofitting any residence or light commercial building for energy savings. From assessing the challenge and offering the client options through initial project design and final execution of the building plan, this book gives you solutions that meet and exceed code requirements.

Table of Contents
Ch. 1. The Domestic Water System
Ch. 2. Building Envelope
Ch. 3. Ventilation and Infiltration Control
Ch. 4. Lighting Projects I
Ch. 5. Lighting Projects II
Ch. 6. Heating and Cooling Systems
Ch. 7. Central Systems
Ch. 8. Electrical Projects
Ch. 9. Architectural Concepts
Ch. 10. Controls
Ch. 11. Water and Steam System Projects
Project 1. Replacing inefficient hot-water heaters
Project 2. Steam-trap replacement
Ch. 12. Building Projects
Project 3. Attic insulation
Project 4. Motor projects
Ch. 13. HVAC Projects
Project 5. Heat-pump retrofits
Project 6. Dedicated air-handling unit
Project 7. More efficient HVAC units
Ch. 14. Lighting Projects
Project 8. Security lighting
Project 9. Reflective inserts
Project 10. Fixture relamping
Project 11. Interior lighting controls
Project 12. Exterior lighting controls
Ch. 15. Controls Projects
Project 13. Cooling-tower fan controls
Project 14. Programmable thermostats
Project 15. Time clock control of motors
Ch. 16. Auditing Existing Buildings
Ch. 17. The Building Plan Review Audit
Ch. 18. Energy Tips and Tricks
Ch. 19. The HVAC Design Process
Ch. 20. Numerical Analysis Techniques

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