Rammed Earth Walls for Farm Buildings-1933

Rammed Earth Walls for Farm Buildings-1933

Rammed Earth Walls for Farm Buildings-1933Author: Ralph L. Patty

Publisher: South Dakota State College

Unknown Binding: 67 pages


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Rammed Earth Walls for Farm Buildings-1933, Bulletin 277 South Dakota State College. 67 pages, xerographic.

This book extensively explores the soils and methods used for successful RE construction.

Covers many plaster and finishing tests, with recommendations for lime, asphalt, cement “cream” and linseed oil. Provides charts on aggregates % in soil for best compression, and other useful construction information from footings to roof. The Ag. Dept. built an experimental poultry house and recorded all experiments thoroughly to inform others on successful RE building. This booklet refers to #2012 Rammed Earth Walls, shown on the Adobe page, and to Ellington’s “Modern Pise Buildings” from 1923. The photos are very grainy due to document age, but the text information is most valuable for anyone wanting to avoid problems during manual rammed earth building. 67 pages, booklet, xerographic, b/w photos and drawings.


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