No Regrets Remodeling

Cover, No Regrets Remodeling

Publisher: Home Energy Magazine

ISBN: 0963944428

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In No-Regrets Remodeling, you’ll discover ways to make home improvements that benefit your house, your bank account and your well being. Here you’ll learn how new technologies and building practices can do more than make your home look better. It will also feel better, increase in value and cost less to heat, cool and maintain. No-Regrets Remodeling shows you the smart way to approach a remodeling job by steering you away from common mistakes that can be costly, unhealthy, unsafe or just plain annoying. The book identifies technology options and gives you the information to make the best choice for you. For example, in the Hot Water chapter, you’ll find a worksheet for estimating your water use, conservation ideas with savings projections and detailed descriptions of water heating technologies. Similar information is presented for space heating and cooling, ventilation, lighting, windows and structural improvements. Each chapter guides you through the steps that make the entire house a more pleasant place. You’ll learn how to: eliminate drafts, end mold and mildew problems, prevent peeling paint and rotting roofs, stop family thermostat wars, create attractive, efficient lighting designs, improve air quality, provide a new sense of quiet, decrease allergies, protect against carbon monoxide poisoning, attract loans that put money in your pocket and save on utility bills. The book is based on a series of articles that appeared in Home Energy Magazine, although the text has been reworked and expanded and many new illustrations added. 222 pages, 1997

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