New Technologies for Energy Efficiency

New Technologies for Energy Efficiency

New Technologies for Energy EfficiencyAuthor(s): Michael F. Hordeski

Publisher: Fairmont Press

Hardcover: 376 pages

ISBN: 0881733695

ISBN-13: 978-0881733693

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The needs of the new economy have had the effect of stressing the existing energy infrastructure to the point of crisis. The current regulatory system tends to encourage the building of large power plants with long lead times. This important book examines the full scope of new technologies available to address this crisis of electricity supply now by reducing dependency on the power grid. The author details the tools and technologies available for incorporating smaller, clean, more efficient energy-generating technologies such as small-scale cogeneration, fuel cells, and natural gas distributed generation into your energy management plan. He thoroughly examines the role of new technologies in reducing operating costs and developing more innovative and practical approaches to energy management, including implementing alternative energy programs, monitoring rates and policy, managing power quality, exploring cost-effective power generation solutions, utilizing cost-effective energy services, benefitting from information monitoring and diagnostic systems, assessing energy storage options, integrating lighting and cooling systems, and more.

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