Landscaping Makes Cents: Smart Investments that Increase Your Property Value

Landscaping Makes Cents: Smart Investments that Increase Your Property Value

Landscaping Makes Cents: Smart Investments that Increase Your Property ValueAuthor(s): Frederick C. Campbell, Richard L. Dube

Publisher: Storey Books

Paperback: 176 pages

ISBN: 0882669486

ISBN-13: 978-0882669489

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How-To Editor’s Recommended Book, 08/01/97:

The promotional materials that came with this book said, Surprisingly, money DOES grow on trees! I’ve seen a lot of gardening how-to books over the years, and this is one of the first to approach the topic not only from an aesthetic or problem solving point of view, but also from an economic one. The book was interesting and eye-opening and it will certainly be helpful to landscapers, architects, and, most specifically, homeowners. It is well thought out, clearly illustrated, and easy to follow; the information will help people to avoid common errors while giving them ideas for how to landscape with an eye to increasing value.

From Booklist , 02/15/97:
The authors, owners of landscape design companies, offer instructions on increasing the resale value of a home through landscaping. The first section explores the perceived value of landscaping, showing ways to increase the home’s property value. The second section takes the reader step-by-step through the process of setting a realistic budget and how best to invest in walls, fences, patios, walks, arbors, decks, trees, shrubs, flowers, groundcovers, and lawns. The book’s third section tells readers how to choose a qualified landscape contractor, what questions to ask, and how to negotiate a contract. There are 175 black-and-white line drawings. Copyright© 1997, American Library Association. All rights reserved

Two landscaping experts offer practical suggestions on how homeowners can add value to their property through careful landscape design, with helpful tips on how to intall gardens, trees and shrubs, fences, decks, or other landscape features. Original.

Card catalog description
Professional landscaping contractors Frederick C. Campbell and Richard L. Dube lead you step by step through the process of planning and building a landscape that fits your needs and preferences and will maximize the return on your investment. Select elements that will add value and general appeal to your property and set a budget for each, quantify the value of trees and other landscape elements, make the best choices for sustainable low-maintenance landscapes, select, install, and maintain gardens, ponds, fences, lighting, walkways, and more; and evaluate, negotiate, and contract with qualified landscaping contractors.

The publisher, Storey Books , 03/31/98:
Now any homeowner can add substantial investment value and beauty to a home through careful landscape design. Two landscaping experts explore in practical and clear language how to create a landscape plan, determine a budget, choose a contractor, and achieve substantial financial return on a limited budget.

Table of Contents

Pt. I. Money Does Grow on Trees: Increasing Your Property Value
Ch. 1. The Perceived Value of Landscaping
Ch. 2. How Much Is an Aesthetically Pleasing Landscape Worth?
Ch. 3. How Much Are Trees and Other Landscaping Elements Worth?
Ch. 4. Landscaping Considerations When Building, Buying, or Selling a House
Pt. II. Where Do I Start? Developing a Budget and a Plan
Ch. 5. Budgeting for Landscaping
Ch. 6. Designing Your Landscape for Maximum Value
Ch. 7. Investing in Hardscaping Elements
Ch. 8. Investing in Softscaping Elements
Ch. 9. Investing in Sustainable Landscape Alternatives
Pt. III. I Can’t Do It All Myself: Hiring Landscape Contractors
Ch. 10. Selecting Qualified Contractors
Ch. 11. Negotiating Contracts
Ch. 12. Asking the Right Questions of Contractors
Appendix 1. How Valuable Is Your Home Landscape? A Proposed Aesthetic Evaluation Model
Appendix 2. USDA Hardiness Zone Map
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