Kitchen & Bath Lighting...made easy

Kitchen & Bath Lighting…made easy

Kitchen & Bath Lighting...made easyAuthor(s): Michael De Luca

Publisher: National Kitchen & Bath Assoc (January 2001)

Spiral-bound: 217 pages

ISBN: 1887127062

ISBN-13: 978-1887127066

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To understand most books on lighting design, you would need an engineering degree. This is not one of those books. In a highly accessible and informal manner, Michael De Luca (who isn’t an engineer either) explains the fundamentals of lighting design and lays out a step-by-step planning process. The information includes: color, spacing, reflectance, light measurements, fixtures and more. Lighting concepts are illustrated with real world examples. Technical information about selected lamps and luminaires is also provided. While the book was targeted to kitchen and bath designers, the information is relevant to any residential design project. 217 pages, 1997

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