Indoor Air Quality: Solutions and Strategies

Indoor Air Quality: Solutions and Strategies

Indoor Air Quality: Solutions and StrategiesAuthor(s): Steve M. Hays, Ronald V. Gobbell, Nicholas R. Ganick

Publisher: McGraw Hill Text

Hardcover: 417 pages

ISBN: 0070273731

ISBN-13: 978-0070273733

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The field of indoor air quality concerns architects, engineers, industrial hygienists and building operators. Bringing together all these disciplines, this expert guide offers vital information and practical guidance to assess and control indoor contaminants in all types of buildings. Featuring the latest investigative procedures, measurement and monitoring techniques and assessment protocols, this book demonstrates how to: conduct thorough occupant interviews, collect and analyze samples, diagnose and solve problems related to air movement and HVAC-systems, minimize pollution from VOC-emitting building materials and equipment, control contamination introduced by maintenance and construction activities and implement a building commissioning plan to minimize problems in new construction. Indoor Air Quality provides tested and proven solutions and strategies you need to design, operate and maintain buildings with good air quality.

Booknews, Inc. , 08/01/95:
An architect, an industrial engineer, and a mechanical engineer offer an overview of what’s known about managing indoor air quality for professionals in the building industry. They provide a foundation for analysis and control, show relationships among the various disciplines concerned with indoor air quality, and discuss practical applications of the disciplines. Includes five appendices and a 12-page glossary.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction
The IAQ Problem
Diagnosis and Remediation of IAQ Problems
The Interdisciplinary Approach
Chapter 2. Industrial Hygiene and Its Application to IAQ
Industrial Hygiene Methodology
Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene
The Application of Industrial Hygiene Methodology to IAQ
Sampling, Analysis, and Interpretation
Chapter 3. Mechanical Engineering and IAQ
Classifications of HVAC Systems
IAQ Issues for HVAC
Existing Buildings: Investigation and Corrective Strategies
New Construction
HVAC System Maintenance
Chapter 4. Architecture, Construction, and Operations
Building Materials
Other Sources of Building Contamination
Building Functional and Occupant Loads
Other Factors That Influence IAQ Perception
Existing Buildings: Investigation and Corrective Strategies
New Construction
Chapter 5. Conclusion
IAQ Management
Status of IAQ
IAQ in Other Facilities
Appendix A. Core Checklist
Appendix B. Occupant Health and Comfort Questionnaire
Appendix C. HVAC IAQ Investigation Checklist
Appendix D. Architecture, Construction, and Operations Checklist
Appendix E. Resources
Symbols and Abbreviations

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