Honduras: Adventures in Nature

Honduras: Adventures in Nature

Honduras: Adventures in NatureAuthor(s): James D. Gollin, Ron Mader

Publisher: John Muir Publications

Paperback: 344 pages

ISBN: 1562613413

ISBN-13: 978-1562613419

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Why visit Honduras? Because it is the most underrated tourist destination in Central America. Honduras has more accessible and beautiful reefs than Belize or the Yucatýn, more extensive rain forests and cloud forests than Costa Rica, Mayan ruins comparable to those of Guatemala, better beaches than Nicaragua, a more peaceful political climate than El Salvador, safer cities than those of Panama, and the greatest undeveloped wilderness area in all of Central America. For environmentally-oriented travelers, especially for those who like to get off the beaten path, Honduras is a dream come true. Honduras: Adventures in Nature provides your best guide to travel in this country. Honduras is not the kind of place to experience in an air-conditioned tour bus, shuttling from monument to museum to mountain vista. To sample the greatness of the country, that which sets it apart from other tropical destinations and from your home town, you’ll have to put on hiking boots, or fins, or water sandals. You can gaze at the birdlife through binoculars or peer at the living rainbow of the coral reefs through a diving mask. You can pole a cart along a banana company railway, paddle a high-tech kayak to uninhabited isles, or climb the rock face of a rain forest waterfall. And, when you’ve had enough, you can contemplate an archaeological site built long before the birth of Christ, watch the sun set through the palms, or listen quietly to the hoots, calls, trills, and buzzing of rain forest life.

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