Heating Systems for Your New Home

Heating Systems for Your New Home

Heating Systems for Your New HomeAuthor(s): Richard Kadulski

Publisher: Drawing-Room Graphics Services (March 15, 1999)

Paperback: 88 pages

ISBN: 0920768091

ISBN-13: 978-0920768099

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At last, an unbiased comparison of heating systems. Heating Systems for Your New Home explains how a heating system contributes to winter time comfort. It discusses the important features of residential design and installation that are most commonly overlooked — without resorting to jargon.

Heating Systems for Your New Home provides background information new home buyers and builders need to consider at the beginning of a project to avoid problems later. It explains why heating system decisions are more complex to make than decisions on materials or finishes. How heating systems can affect the indoor environment, specifically indoor air quality.

The book begins with a discussion of how all the systems of a house work together and how people perceive comfort. Most of the material describes different heating options, equipment and installation issues. There is a special emphasis on information that allows you to compare options and make a choice that suits your situation. All the common system types are described, including forced air, radiant, baseboards, combination space/water heating systems, wood stoves, masonry heaters, etc. There’s even an overview of ventilation and filtration and how they relate to heating systems.

88 pages, 1999

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