Ecocity Berkeley : Building Cities for a Healthy Future

Author(s): Richard Register

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

Paperback: 152 pages

ISBN: 1556430094

ISBN-13: 978-1556430091

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Richard Register belongs to the Ben Franklin tradition of inventors, generalists, and hopeful geniuses. His ideas about ecological cities are a valuable contribution to the great human task of figuring out how to manage a biosphere and enjoy life while we are at it.”
-Walter Truett Anderson, author of To Govern Evolution

“A trailbreaking book, essential reading for anyone concerned with the future of our cities–in a class with the Goodmans’ Communitas and Alexander’s A Pattern Language.
-Ernest Callenbach, author of Ecotopia

Product Description

Ecocity Berkeley offers innovative city planning solutions that would work anywhere, but the book offers a vision of what the future can be like with a fair amount of planning beforehand. This book is very inspirational, and could be used to advocate similar planning improvements in any large city. This book is meant for anyone interested in environmental activism, and anyone looking for serious innovations in their city.

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