Eco-Renovation : The Ecological Home Improvement Guide, 2nd Ed

Eco-Renovation : The Ecological Home Improvement Guide


Eco-Renovation : The Ecological Home Improvement Guide, 2nd Ed2nd Ed.

Author(s): Edward Harland, Duncan Roberts (Illustrator)

Publisher: Chelsea Green

ISBN: 1890132381

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Edward Harland There’s a popular bumper sticker that says “Think Globally, Act Locally.” You can’t get any more local than your own home. One of the best paths to environmentally-friendly housing is recycling old houses, whether you want to improve your current home or “move up” to a better place. Eco-Renovation is specifically aimed at homeowners who want to make existing houses as “green” as possible.

Author Edward Harland provides a concise overview of the major home related ecological questions and concerns and then offers practical solutions and suggestions for renovating the home ecologically. Eco-Renovation will show you how to: Reduce heating bills substantially. Select building materials that are resource efficient and environmentally-safe. Convert and maximize living space. Protect the family from toxic substances.

Edward Harland is an architect specializing in ecological renovation of houses. He has worked in both public and private practice and has also run his own carpentry business, building sunrooms, kitchens and furniture. 241 pages, 1999

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