Deep Design : Pathways to a Livable Future

Deep Design : Pathways to a Livable Future

Deep Design : Pathways to a Livable FutureAuthor(s): David Wann, Center for Resource Management, Paul Hawken (Introduction)

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 1559634200

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In “Deep Design,” David Wann explores a new way of thinking about design, one that asks “What is our ultimate goal?” before the first step has even been taken. Designs that begin with such a question — whether in products, buildings, technologies, or communities — are sensitive to living systems, and can potentially accomplish their mission without the seemingly unavoidable side effects of pollution, erosion, congestion, and stress. Such “deep designs” meet the key criteria of renewability, recyclability, and nontoxicity. Often based on natural systems, they are easy to understand and implement, and provide more elegant approaches to getting the services and functions we need. Wann presents information gleaned from interviews with more than fifty innovative designers in a wide variety of fields, and describes numerous case studies that explain the concept and practice of deep design.

Hardcover, 230 pages
Publication date: January 1996

Table of Contents
Foreword By Paul Hawken
Ch. 1. Deep Design: From the Visionary to the Pragmatic
Ch. 2. The Social-Environmental Connection: What Do We Want, and How Can Design Deliver It?
Ch. 3. Design at the Molecular Level: Pathways to Chemicals That Fit
Ch. 4. In Search of the Soft Path: Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Ch. 5. Re-envisioning Agriculture: Pathways to Regenerative Systems
Ch. 6. A Near-Perfect World, If You’re a Wheel: Designing Communities That Work
Ch. 7. Design Criteria That Work: How Should We Think about Design?
Ch. 8. Design for Environment: Making It Better
Ch. 9. The Evolution of Design Species: Toward a Best-Case Scenario of Diversity, Conservation, and Caretaking

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