Daylighting Performance and Design

Daylighting Performance and Design

Daylighting Performance and Design

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Hardcover: 256 pages

ISBN: 0471286613

ISBN-13: 978-0471286615

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Daylighting Performance and Design


This step-by-step manual shows you how to incorporate daylighting into your building designs. Daylighting Performance and Design first explains the fundamentals of daylighting and then surveys nine design strategies. There is a complete discussion of ways to integrate daylight with electric lighting. Daylighting design tools include a series of worksheets for manual calculations and a thorough discussion of three top computer programs. More than two dozen other computer design and evaluation tools are listed. There’s even a section dedicated to physical modeling using a sky simulator.

Case studies of retail, office, institutional and industrial buildings tie it all together. Each one includes plan and elevation drawings along with several photographs of the completed building. Performance results are presented for each case study. The appendices provide technical data on weather and materials. One extremely useful appendix presents a parametric analysis of daylighting for a standard building in six representative locations in the U.S. Using the DOE-2 computer program, dozens of performance parameters were calculated, including energy used for lighting and HVAC, along with capital cost and payback.

From evaluation to execution, Daylighting Performance and Design is a catalog of strategies, materials and methods. It makes theory, calculations and execution crystal clear with straight-to-the-solution examples and uncluttered language.

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