Conservation Design for Subdivisions

Conservation Design for Subdivisions

Conservation Design for Subdivisions

Author(s): Randall G. Arendt

ISBN: I559634898

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This practical handbook explores better ways of designing new residential developments. Site designers, developers, land-use planners and landowners will learn how to implement new ideas about land-use planning and environmental protection. Abundantly illustrated with site plans (many in color), floor plans, photographs and simple renditions of houses and landscapes, it describes a series of simple and straight-forward techniques that allow for land-conserving development.

The book proposes a step-by-step approach to conserving natural areas by rearranging density on each development parcel as it is being planned so that no more than half of the buildable land is dedicated to houselots and streets. Homes are built in a less land-consumptive manner, so the balance of property can be permanently protected. These areas are to become an interconnected network of green spaces and green corridors. Included in the book are model zoning and subdivision ordinance provisions that can help citizens and local officials implement these innovative designs. 160 pages. 1996

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