A Home for the Soul : A Guide for Dwelling With Spirit and Imagination

Author(s): Anthony Lawlor

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

ISBN: 0517704005

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A Home for the Soul : A Guide for Dwelling With Spirit and Imagination

1 Ed
Publication date: November 1997

Philosophy and Religion Editor’s Recommended Book, 01/01/98:
Mindfulness has become a common religious buzzword. In A Home for the Soul award-winning architect Anthony Lawlor shows us how to decorate a home that encourages mindfulness from every bathroom and bibelot. Despite a (perhaps unavoidable) tendency toward camp and solipsism, the stunning photographs and insights into the potentially sacred details of domestic living prompt you to pay closer attention to your immediate environment. For example, “Books are like small altars, each page serving as a threshold for crossing into realms of broadened vision.” Investing the items around us with soulful symbolism is like living in a temple of one’s own design.

Perceiving and creating a home that uplifts the soul is the purpose of this book that invites readers to discover the abode of inspiration and delight hidden within their homes. Proceeding from kitchen to bedroom to garden, explaining how rooms and spaces can be arranged to harmonize with one’s deepest self, Lawlor gives creative, practical suggestions for decorating, renovating and even building houses and apartments that will nurture the spirit.

150 photos, 75 in color.