Building with Bamboo: A Handbook

Building with Bamboo: A Handbook

Building with Bamboo: A Handbook

Author(s): Jules Janssen

Publisher: Intermediate Technology

Paperback: 56 pages

ISBN: 1853392030

ISBN-13: 978-1853392030

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Bamboo is strong, stiff, hard and clean. It can be grown on a small scale and used in buildings, bridges, furniture and fences. But can it be used in cold climates? This book will help you answer that question for yourself. Here you’ll learn the anatomy of this prolific grass and the terminology that describes it. The heart of Building with Bamboo covers the nuts and bolts of engineering and construction, including topics such as strength and allowable load, cost comparison methodology, joinery, foundations, flooring, walls, windows and doors. It even discusses how bamboo can be used to reinforce concrete. With this book, you’ll learn how to work with bamboo to favor its strengths and avoid its weaknesses.

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