Building Construction Illustrated

Cover, Building Construction IllustratedAuthor(s): Frank Ching, Francis D. K. Ching

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471288853

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2nd Edition
Publication date: May 1991

Customer Comments:
from Norman, OK , 04/16/98, rating=8: Helpful architect’s reference. This book gives simple guides to design work. Like a simplified “Graphic Standards”. Ching offers super illustrations, lots of details and answers a lot of questions for me as an architecture student. I recommend to all designers.

from Los Gatos, CA
02/18/98, rating=9:
Very useful for understanding small-scale construction

The first edition was entirely hand-drawn (the 2nd ed. may be as well) and covers the difference between a hip and a gable roof, slabs, grade beams and other details of modern construction. If you want to know the difference between western platform and balloon framing, this is a fine book. It’s primarily a reference book, but it could be read cover to cover.

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