Be Your Own Home Renovation Contractor

Cover, Be Your Own Home Renovation ContractorAuthor(s): Carl Heldman

ISBN: 1580170242
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Be Your Own Home Renovation Contractor: Save 30% without Lifting a Hammer (revised and updated) by Carl Heldman.

This book explains finding and appraising a restorable structure, obtaining financing, and hiring subcontractors. Includes sample contracts, bids, inspection reports, insurance forms, and blueprints. 6×9, 176 pages, paperback. review:
One of the surest ways to save a bundle of money on any serious home renovation is to be your own contractor. However, if an individual embarks on this effort not armed with all the facts and formalities, it can also be the proverbial primrose path to financial hell. Becoming your own contractor is neither as simple as it might seem, nor as potentially intimidating as worst-case scenarios might leave one to believe, if you have the facts and information you need before you begin.

Heldman, the author of Be Your Own House Contractor, one of the classics in the field, lays out how to evaluate your structure, estimate costs, negotiate loans as needed, and hire subcontractors; he also gives a thorough look at the forms and legalities involved in taking on this task. Done knowledgeably, with this book as a guide, a homeowner can save many thousands of dollars on renovation costs.

Heldmann provides savvy advice on whether certain kinds of projects are advisable under certain circumstances, whether renovations are financially practical for increased value, and approaches the subject with full knowledge of the kinds of disruption and confusion home renovating projects can cause in peoples’ lives. This book will likely become yet another Heldmann classic for do-it-yourself home renovators in years to come. –Mark A. Hetts


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