Author(s): Christine Recht, Max F. Wetterwald, David Crampton (Editor), Walters

Publisher: Timber Press

Hardcover: 128 pages

ISBN: 0881922684

ISBN-13: 978-0881922684

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The Bamboos Reprint Edition

Using bamboos as design elements is stressed in this encyclopedia of species particularly suited for use in the garden or in containers. It also provides essential information for growing these exotic treelike grasses successfully.

Paperback, 345 pages
Publication date: November 1993
Table of Contents
Pt. I.
The Bamboo Plant
1. Vegetative Phase: The Maturing Plant
2. Reproductive Phase
3. Vegetative Phase: The Seedling
Pt. II. Elite Bamboos and Propagation Methods
4. Selected Species
5. Propagation Pt. III. Bases of Classification
6. Flowering and Fruiting Behavior in Bamboos of Different Genera and Species
7. Bamboos from the Point of View of Taxonomy
Appendix I. Generic Key to Bamboos under Cultivation in the United States and Puerto Rico
Glossary Literature Cited
Index of Scientific Names
Index of Subjects

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