Bamboo Rediscovered

Bamboo Rediscovered

Bamboo Rediscovered

Author(s): Victor Cusack

Publisher: Chelsea Green Pub Co

Paperback: 96 pages

ISBN: 0959588981

ISBN-13: 978-0959588989

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This is a long overdue book to the bamboo-world that concentrates mostly on tropical, or clumping, bamboo. If you live in a geographical area (zone 9 and above)that allows you to grow tropical bamboo, or if you just wish to learn more about tropical bamboo, this book is a wonderful resource. It touches on the specifics of growing many tropical species, including propagation. The poor reputation that invasive, running, temperate bamboo has carried is not shared by the tropical species. Thanks to references like this book, bamboo-enthusiasts are learning that, for some, there is an alternative.

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