Adobe & Rammed Earth Buildings

Adobe & Rammed Earth Buildings

Adobe & Rammed Earth Buildings

Author(s): Paul McHenry

Publisher: University of New Mexico Press

ISBN: 0816511241

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AEarth is the oldest and most widely used building material in the world today. It’s abundant, inexpensive, and energy-efficient. But if you’re building with earth, simplicity of material needn’t be an excuse for poor planning. Paul Graham McHenry, author of the best-selling Adobe – Build It Yourself, here provides the most complete, accurate, and factual source of technical information on building with earth. Lavishly illustrated with scores of photographs and drawings, Adobe and Rammed Earth Buildings spells out details of: • soil selection
• adobe brick manufacturing
• adobe brick wall construction
• rammed earth wall construction
• window and door detailing
• earth wall finishes
• foundations
• floor and roof structures
• insulation
• mechanical considerations. Whether you’re designing a new building or renovating an existing structure,Adobe and Rammed Earth Buildings can show you how to achieve better results.

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