A Green Vitruvius

Cover, A Green Vitruvius

Author: J. Owen Lewis

ISBN: 187393694X

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Two thousand years ago the Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio wrote the first book on architecture. It established the concept of the pattern book — showing design principles and solutions. This publication is today’s pattern book of green design.

Sustainable architecture offers more than simply environmental benefits. It creates place-sensitive buildings, a location-specific architecture responding to local climatic conditions and using local materials instead of global cookie-cutter solutions. It also offers better architectural quality with more natural and fewer artificial inputs. Less is more, and less is beautiful.

The book is divided into four sections, which structure advice according to the design and construction process, the issues to be considered, the strategies to be adopted and the elements of green design. A fifth section advises on design evaluation.

Sustainability is one of many considerations for the practicing architect. This book is for the experienced practitioner anywhere who wishes to make a more sustainable architecture whether or not they have yet acquired any particular expertise in the subject. It will also serve as a valuable introduction to the subject, and provide a clear and attractive text for students. Published in the United Kingdom.

176 pages, 1999

… A Green Vitruvius is a wonderful resource that certainly lives up to its subtitle … Environmental Building News

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