The Cob Builders Handbook: You Can Hand-Sculpt Your Own Home

The Cob Builders Handbook: You Can Hand-Sculpt Your Own HomeAuthor(s): Becky Bee

Publisher: Chelsea Green

Paperback: 176 pages

ISBN: 0965908208

ISBN-13: 978-0965908207

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Cob (an old English word for lump) is old-fashioned concrete, made out of a mixture of clay, sand, and straw. Becky Bee’s manual is a friendly guide to making your own earth structure, with chapters on design, foundations, floors, windows and doors, finishes, and of course, making glorious cob.

“I believe that building with cob is a way to recreate community and experience the joy of working together while taking back the right to build our own homes and look after our Mother Earth.”

She loves doing something that makes sense in a world where lots of things don’t.


Charmaine Taylor from Humboldt Bay, California , 03/29/98, rating=10:
Lets you explore your artistic side while building! From advice on ‘snuggling’ foundation rocks together to practical explanation of creating the right mix..Becky really shows she knows how to work with earth. I began a cob bench after falling in love with photos of hers. I don’t know any other way to sculpt, have fun, get dirty, and still create something useful. People might not build a whole house, but a meditation room, or garden shed, even animal house would be doable. Local cobbers I know respect her skills highly, I’d love to see more finished home and project photos. Anyone can do this, it’s fun and gets you in touch with dirt! Paperback, 173 pages Publication date: March 1998

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