Solviva: How to grow $500,000 on one acre, and Peace on Earth

Solviva: How to grow $500,000 on one acre, and Peace on Earth

Author(s): Anna Edey

Publisher: Trailblazer Press

Paperback: 224 pages

ISBN-10: 0966234901

ISBN-13: 978-0966234909

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Solviva: How to grow $500,000 on one acre, and Peace on Earth

You’ll want to live in a greenhouse once you read this inspiring book. Anna shows how animals and plants thrive in her bio-diverse system, which uses no pesticides, recycles CO2, is solar efficient and produces healthy, thriving plants that grow like crazy- even in winter in Massachussetts!

Since 1976 Anna Edey has made one astonishing discovery after another (how to heat and cool with solar power, how to grow exceptionally high yields of highest quality organic foods year-round without heating fuel or cooling fans, how to manage sewage in ways that benefit the landscape and reduce water pollution, etc) under the name Solviva Solar-Dynamic Bio-Benign Design.

This book is about one woman’s sacred vision and commitment to learning to live sustainably on Earth.

The results of her experiments and methods have again and again exceeded highest hopes and expectations. This book describes the exciting trials and triumphs of her journey, and offers convincing proof that we can, with today’s technology and knowledge, live in ways that reduce pollution and depletion of resources by 80% or more, and at the same time reduce cost of living and improve quality of life, in urban and rural locations anywhere on Earth.

The book contains 155 color illustrations, 244 pages, softcover, color, with color photos, and many detailed instructions and recommendations to help others along on their own journeys toward living sustainably.

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