Silence, Song and Shadows: Our Need for the Sacred in Our Surroundings

Silence, Song and Shadows: Our Need for the Sacred in Our SurroundingsAuthor: Tom Bender

Publisher: Fire River Press (January 1, 2000)

Paperback: 123 pages

ISBN-10: 0967508908

ISBN-13: 978-0967508900

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Silence, Song and Shadows is an eloquent and visually stunning introduction to how the sacred and chi energy in our surroundings affect our lives and health. Explaining the energetic connections between people and place with historical and modern examples, it presents successful techniques through which we can experience and apply this aspect of design. Key concepts and actions are outlined to bring sacredness into our own homes and communities.

* Explores a sweeping new dimension of energy and healing, showing how the world outside of our bodies affects our health.

* Shows movingly how to use the heart of community Ð our dreams, values, and connectedness Ð to create places sustained by love.
* Brings the sacred down to earth and into concrete application in our everyday lives, in ways we wouldn’t have dreamed possible.
* Contains a whole array of new and easily applied tools with which we can bring the sacred and chi energy into our own surroundings.

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