Places of the Soul : Architecture and Environmental Design As a Healing Art

Author(s): Christopher Day

Publisher: Thorsons Pub

ISBN: 1855383055

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Reprint Edition
Paperback, 192 pages

From the Publisher:
Challenges conventional building and design practices and demonstrates how our built environments can be made physically, socially, and spiritually enriching.

Customer Comments
from Nevada, USA , 10/13/97, rating=10:
Buildings really do harm or heal us: Here’s the how and why. Chrisopher Day’s Places of the Soul is an eye-opening examination of why and how buildings impact our health, our productivity, our moods, and even our spirits. Written both to architects and non-architects, he speaks in plain English to bring many different aspects of the built environment to our awareness. Books like this tend to be pedantic, possessing a narrow aesthetic (i.e. the author’s). However, Day, while admitting his biases, is more focused on how to enrich the world we live in now, whether with the softening textures of sensitive landscaping or the appropriate use of harder angles when the mood these conjure is necessary. If you are thinking about building or remodeling, and/or want to understand more about your built surroundings, this book is certain to challenge your viewpoint, and leave you with a few ideas of your own about how you can relate consciously, sensitively, and responsibly to your present environment.

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