Indoor Air Quality Case Studies Reference Guide

Indoor Air Quality Case Studies Reference GuideAuthor(s): George Benda, Editor

Publisher: Fairmont Press

Hardcover: 216 pages

ISBN: 0881733059

ISBN-13: 978-0881733051

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This book provides you with the benefit of both good and bad experiences in indoor air quality management over the past decade. The case studies are presented with commentary to guide you in capturing the lessons learned, offering you a sound basis for making sound decisions relative to indoor air quality in your day-to-day work in building design, construction and operation. Each case study contains the details you need to fully understand what went right as well as what went wrong. The insightful analysis presented with each case is designed to assist you in generalizing the results for applicability to other types of settings, and to guide you, both in preventing potentially costly indoor air hazards, as well as in resolving challenging existing problems. Supporting technical and scientific data is presented for each case.

6 x 9, 220 pp., Illus., Hardcover

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