From Eco-Cities to Living Machines : Principles of Ecological Design

From Eco-Cities to Living Machines : Principles of Ecological DesignAuthor(s): Nancy Jack Todd, John Todd

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1556431503

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From Eco-cities to Living Machines presents the ecologically-based working designs and prototypes of biologist John Todd and writer and environmental activist Nancy Todd. Since 1969 with the founding of New Alchemy Institute on Cape Cod, the Todds have become known world-wide for their leadership in the restoration of pure water, bioremediation of wild aquatic environments, food production, and urban design. In this new book, the Todds further develop the idea of Eco-cities, designs for integrating agriculture and flowing pure water into green urban settings and introduce Living Machines, a family of technologies for purifying wastewaters to tertiary quality effluent without chemicals. Provocative and grounded firmly in the principles of biodiversity, the Todds’ work encompasses site-specific technological interventions and systems-wide ecological planners and designers, environmental economists, and systems-based engineers working to change the way we utilize production, technology, water and energy.

2nd Edition
Paperback, 185 pages
Publication date: April 1994

Table of Contents
Preface: The Years Between
Ch. 1. New Alchemy: Where It All Began
Ch. 2. From Bioshelters to Solar Villages to Future Human Settlements
Ch. 3. Emerging Precepts of Biological Design
Ch. 4. Redesigning Communities
Ch. 5. The Surrounding Landscape
Ch. 6. The Transforming Energy
Epilogue: Living Machines and the Years Ahead
Notes and References

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