Energy-Efficient Operation of Commercial Buildings: Redefining the Energy Manager’s Job

Energy-Efficient Operation of Commercial Buildings: Redefining the Energy Manager's JobAuthor(s): Peter Herzog, John Carmody

Publisher: McGraw Hill Text

Hardcover: 197 pages

ISBN: 0070284687

ISBN-13: 978-0070284685

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Energy-Efficient Operation of Commercial Buildings : Redefining the Energy Manager’s Job Hardcover, 197 pages Publication date: June 1997

Synopsis: A book for architects and building, facilities, and energy managers, it features a graphic format filled with charts, graphs, diagrams, and worksheets. This no-nonsense guide introduces the basic concepts and presents a six-step process for identifying savings potential, operating efficiency, and building performance. Card catalog description Whether you’re a building owner, facility manager, performance contractor, energy manager, or building operator, this book will show you the role you can play in a new, common-sense approach to energy cost-containment. The methods described will revitalize your energy cost reduction efforts by providing a clear path to achieving operational improvements. This unique resource features a user-friendly format that takes you through a step-by-step process to identify savings potential and achieve measurable cost reduction.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1. Efficient Operation: The Missing Component of Energy Management

Ch. 2. An Introduction to Energy-Efficient Building Operation

Ch. 3. Identifying Energy-Consuming Devices

Ch. 4. Estimating Electrical Energy Use

Ch. 5. Estimating Fuel Energy Use

Ch. 6. A Process for Achieving Operating Efficiency

Ch. 7. Applying the Process to Overhead Lighting

Ch. 8. Applying the Process to Air-Handling Units

Ch. 9. Adapting the Process to Various Facility Types

Appendix A. Estimating the Annual Cost to Operate Electrical Devices

Appendix B. Estimating the Annual Cost to Operate Fuel-Consuming Devices

Appendix C. Estimating Demand Costs

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