Daylighting in Architecture: A European Reference Book

Daylighting in Architecture: A European Reference Book

Author(s): N. Baker (Editor), A. Fanchiotti (Editor), K. Steemers (Editor)

Publisher: James & James

Paperback: 380 pages

ISBN: 1873936214

ISBN-13: 978-1873936214

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Typically one third of the energy used in many buildings may be consumed by electric lighting. Good daylighting design can reduce electricity consumption for lighting and improve standards of visual comfort, health and amenity for the occupants.

As the only comprehensive text on the subject written in the last decade, the book will be welcomed by all architects and building services engineers interested in good daylighting design.

TOPICS include:
* daylighting evaluation and analysis
* light and human requirements
* daylight data
* photometry of materials
* daylighting components
* electric lighting
* control systems
* daylight and energy modeling
* case studies
* glossary

The book is based on the work of 25 experts from all parts of Europe who have collected, evaluated and developed the material under the auspices of the European Commission’s Solar Energy and Energy Conservation R&D Programs.

About the Author

Koen Steemers of Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd., Cambridge, U.K.

Nick V. Baker is an independent consultant and technical expert on the energy efficient refurbishment and the development of LT software in the UK.

A. Fanchiotti of the University of Rome “La Sapienza,’ Rome, Italy.

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