Ceramic Houses and Earth Architecture: How to Build Your Own

Ceramic Houses and Earth Architecture: How to Build Your OwnAuthor(s): Nader Khalili

Publisher: Cal-Earth Press

Paperback: 233 pages

ISBN: 1889625019

ISBN-13: 978-1889625010

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Reprint Edition

Paperback Publication date: September 1996

How to build, step by step, an adobe and ceramic architecture that is affordable and self-help. How to build arches, vaults, domes, and utilize the natural energy of wind, sun-and-shade to help save forests and create a sustainable architecture. How to fire and glaze an entire building after it is constructed from clay-earth on site. A NEW UPDATE CHAPTER introducing the Superadobe technology, building with almost any on-site soil using sandbags and barbed wire.

Internationally renowned architect Nader Khalili, creator of the ‘Superadobe’ earth bag style of building shows step-by-step how to construct, glaze, and fire adobe and rammed earth buildings.

His message…told in a haunting mix of prose and poetry, of memory and idealism…is that we can teach the poor to build their own homes even though they have access to nothing more than dirt and community kilns.
— Fessenden Review

This is an extraordinary work. Though very much the personal expression of an impassioned visionary, Ceramic Houses is full of experiential advice, technical guidance, and encouragement to those who would join the author in his search for cheap, durable, attainable housing for much of the world.
— Fine Homebuilding

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