Sacred Places : How the Living Earth Seeks Our Friendship

Author(s): James Swan

Publisher: Bear & Co

ISBN: 0939680661

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Sacred Places

Paperback, 237 pages
Publication date: May 1990

The author, James A. Swan , 07/16/97:
Sacred places and their value to modern scientific society.
This book is a synthesis of my personal exploration of sacred places over more than a decade, which is then translated into a strong argument for their recogntion and protection using modern science and law, as well as ancient cultural wisdom. Endorsed by Jean-Michel Cousteau, James Lovelock and Cherokee elder William Fields, retired Director of Indian Affairs for the US National Park Service, SACRED PLACES is a l997 Book of the Month Club selection, and has been translated into Japanese. It has been used as a resource by the Ancient Mysteries and Sightings television series.

The Ancient Science of Geomancy: Living in Harmony With the Earth

The Ancient Science of Geomancy: Living in Harmony With the Earth

Author(s): Nigel Pennick

Publisher: Crcs Pubns

ISBN: 0916360385

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The Ancient Science of Geomancy: Living in Harmony With the Earth

Places of the Soul : Architecture and Environmental Design As a Healing Art

Author(s): Christopher Day

Publisher: Thorsons Pub

ISBN: 1855383055

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Reprint Edition
Paperback, 192 pages

From the Publisher:
Challenges conventional building and design practices and demonstrates how our built environments can be made physically, socially, and spiritually enriching.

Customer Comments
from Nevada, USA , 10/13/97, rating=10:
Buildings really do harm or heal us: Here’s the how and why. Chrisopher Day’s Places of the Soul is an eye-opening examination of why and how buildings impact our health, our productivity, our moods, and even our spirits. Written both to architects and non-architects, he speaks in plain English to bring many different aspects of the built environment to our awareness. Books like this tend to be pedantic, possessing a narrow aesthetic (i.e. the author’s). However, Day, while admitting his biases, is more focused on how to enrich the world we live in now, whether with the softening textures of sensitive landscaping or the appropriate use of harder angles when the mood these conjure is necessary. If you are thinking about building or remodeling, and/or want to understand more about your built surroundings, this book is certain to challenge your viewpoint, and leave you with a few ideas of your own about how you can relate consciously, sensitively, and responsibly to your present environment.

Silence, Song and Shadows: Our Need for the Sacred in Our Surroundings

Silence, Song and Shadows: Our Need for the Sacred in Our SurroundingsAuthor: Tom Bender

Publisher: Fire River Press (January 1, 2000)

Paperback: 123 pages

ISBN-10: 0967508908

ISBN-13: 978-0967508900

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Silence, Song and Shadows is an eloquent and visually stunning introduction to how the sacred and chi energy in our surroundings affect our lives and health. Explaining the energetic connections between people and place with historical and modern examples, it presents successful techniques through which we can experience and apply this aspect of design. Key concepts and actions are outlined to bring sacredness into our own homes and communities.

* Explores a sweeping new dimension of energy and healing, showing how the world outside of our bodies affects our health.

* Shows movingly how to use the heart of community Ð our dreams, values, and connectedness Ð to create places sustained by love.
* Brings the sacred down to earth and into concrete application in our everyday lives, in ways we wouldn’t have dreamed possible.
* Contains a whole array of new and easily applied tools with which we can bring the sacred and chi energy into our own surroundings.

Building with the Breath of Life: Working with Chi Energy in Our Homes and Communities

Building with the Breath of Life: Working with Chi Energy in Our Homes and Communities

Author: Tom Bender

Publisher: Fire River Press; 1st edition (September 1, 2000)

Paperback: 288 pages

ISBN-10: 0967508916

ISBN-13: 978-0967508917

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Building with the Breath of Life is the definitive introduction to the emerging field of energetic design. This new work, companion volume to Bender’s acclaimed Silence, Song and Shadows, provides the detailed historical, conceptual, and how-to information for working with chi energy in our surroundings:

* Exciting new findings concerning the widespread historical use of chi energy in building and community design in Egyptian, Mayan, Asian, Native American and European cultures.

* The necessary theoretical concepts from Chinese feng shui, the energetic practices of other cultures, and contemporary research.

* What is needed for the reader to successfully apply energetics in their personal surroundings and their work:

-energetic design tools
-exercises for learning to work with chi and intention
-how to analyze our homes and communities from an energetic perspective
-examples of successful use of energetic design in our culture
-access to a wealth of resources for more in-depth exploration of all aspects of chi design.

Vital new perspectives on the role of chi and the sacred in personal, community, and planetary health; interaction of work with chi energy in our bodies and in our surroundings; and significance of the acknowledgment of chi occuring today in our society.